Thursday, August 18, 2011

Spoiled?!...Who, me???

Hello everyone...
Today is my birthday and I just thought I'd share what my man brought home for me today!  Nobody else is around to see and it's just too stunning to not share!

He got me this AMAZING floral arrangement (my photos do not do it justice) as well as a cute card and $500 to the best local spa!  Does this mean that I can't order all of those stamps that he said I could get for my birthday?...or the copics?....or those nesties?  Hahaha...I am too spoiled...

Anyway, we are off for a nice birthday dinner...hope you all are enjoying the summer sunshine!




Happy Birthday Sweetie!! These flowers are amazing! I adore the phalaenopsis orchids are gorgeous!! Enjoy your dinner and ooohh a spa day and crafty money too?? You are a lucky lady!!


These flowers are absolutely gorgeous! Happy birthday!


Lol, you took a picture of the orchids with a picture of orchids in the background. That's like some twilight zone stuff! But kudos to your man!


oops, i forgot to tell you happy birthday!


Belated Happy Birthday! Gorgeous flowers!

Thanh Vo

Oh my goodness!! Yes you sure are spoiled, but totally deserving. You are gorgeous inside and out and I wish you all the best in the next year Naomi!


Those flowers are GORGEOUS!!!! WOW, your hubby DID spoil you - flowers, and MORE?!! Enjoy it, and a Happy Belated Birthday to you! :)


You lucky girl--those flowers are amazing! Thanks for visiting my blog for the Flourishes Customer Appreciation Blog Hop. I hope you’ll visit again soon. Good Luck in the contest! Oh, and...Happy Birthday!